EUDA Health's Investor Relations

EUDA’s mission is to make high-quality, personalized healthcare affordable and accessible for all its patients. We aim to provide a one stop healthcare and wellness services through our proprietary platform, EUDA.
Headquartered in Singapore and established in 2019, EUDA aims to be a leading next-generation Southeast Asian healthcare-technology provider, integrating a full continuum of healthcare services with healthcare data analytics to drive high-quality and efficient care for their patients. The proprietary platform, EUDA, is their core holistic, connected platform, through which they also offer a mobile application platform for their users.
EUDA will allow for unparalleled convenience in the healthcare services market: expanding on existing offerings, we will provide medical services from Primary to Post-surgery care, as well as ongoing preventive healthcare for clients, regardless of the level of healthcare required. We provides a series of products and services through their network and offer an array of complementary products and services to deepen their relationship with their members from assessing the condition, evaluating the risk level to providing personalized support services.

Latest investor presentation

July 6, 2022
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