We are EUDA

EUDA Health Limited, is a Singapore-based health technology company that operates a first-of-its-kind Southeast Asian digital healthcare ecosystem aimed at making healthcare affordable and accessible, and improving the patient experience by delivering better outcomes through personalized healthcare.

Consult a GP virtually in minutes!

  • 24/7 access to Singapore registered GPs
  • Skip the waiting room!
  • See the doctor from the comfort of home
  • Have prescribed medication delivered to doorstep

Services we offer



After successful registration, a health assistant will proceed to access the patient based on his symptoms and assign him to the GP or Urgent Care Department.


GP Consult

As a EUDA Member, GP Consult ($20 SGD) is waived. A GP will follow up within a minute and proceed with diagnostics, doctor's notes are maintained per consult on the EUDA platform, enabling patients to view their health records securely.


E-Medical Certificate

A digital medical certificate may be issued after a teleconsult. It will be forwarded to user’s registered email address or found within the EUDA app.


Medical Prescription

After a teleconsult, the doctor’s prescribed medication will be delivered within 4-5 hours for a fee of $9 SGD.


How to use EUDA


Download EUDA app on store

Register for an account after installing EUDA on your mobile device.


Let us know how you are today

Click on “Teleconsult”, click on the Symptoms that are relevant to your condition and you will be directed to a Teleconsult Assisstant.


Make an online visit with the doctor

Our in-house doctor will see you within the EUDA app. He will prescribe medication based on your conditions and issue a digital Medical Certificate (if required) within the EUDA app.


Receive your medication at home

You will be charged for teleconsult, prescription and delivery. Make payment by entering your Credit Card details (we use Stripe) and expect your meds within 4 hours.

Common issues suitable for Teleconsults

Cold and flu
Sore throat

Eye issues
Skin irritation & rashes
Skin conditions

Minor cuts and injuries
Nausea and Vomiting
Sinus infection
Urinary tract infection
Emergency Contraceptive requirements

EUDA Platform

EUDA operates on a proprietary unified AI platform that streamlines communication and information flow to deliver better care and improve patient experience.

EUDA will allow for unparalleled convenience in the healthcare services market: expanding on existing offerings, EUDA will provide medical services from Primary to Post-surgery care, as well as ongoing preventive healthcare for clients, regardless of the level of healthcare required.

Get a diagnosis, new prescription, or a refill-in instantly.

Book a follow up visit if needed.

Download the app today

Concierge Health
for every employee

Create benefits that your employees will use and love. EUDA 24/7 access to virtual primary care will have your workforce cheering. Management will celebrate as EUDA helps to save your company time, while keeping your workforce healthy and productive.

Total workforce care

As a direct-to-employer medical provider, EUDA provides affordable rates with no middleman. Our sales team can customize a comprehensive employee benefits package according to your needs:

  • Medical Urgent Care
    We deliver top-notch healthcare assistance and medical evacuation includes teleconsultations, health screenings and specialist referrals. The platform enables EUDA to provide care with a seamlessly integrated medical assistance operation, reducing any possible delays in execution of cases. Our services include:
    1. Emergency care and evacuation (Domestic)
    2. Medical Concierge Services
    3. Online Health Management and Telehealth Consultation
    4. Corporate Health and Insurance Management Services
    5. Processing claims and billing (Partnering with payors such as Insurance companies).
  • Home Care Services
    We plan to evolve our property mamagemet service line to provide home-based medical services to households. The home care service line will be a medical integrated property management services in homes and offices that comes with general home care and specialized care service curated based on member’s needs. services include but not limited to are remote monitoring, continuous care management, chronic disease management, post-surgery care, infusion, and preventative service.
  • COVID-19 Support
    Ad-hoc COVID-19 support includes Swab Tests, Vaccines and Thermal Scanners

Speak to our sales team to find out more!

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